Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dancing Feet

Poetry by Dawn Brown:

This colorful star fills my heart

With joy & laughter.

While its blinding colors, Red, Blue, & Green,

Shines like the morning star.

I watch it for many hours

As it crawls on the sandy beach.

It moves towards its family.

Does it have 5 legs?

Seven legs? Ten legs?

Or only Six?

These so many.

I can’t tell which one starts

And which one ends.

Rocks, seaweed, and water.

The little creature swims for more.

Curling up its legs as it finds a home

This little creature wants love

And nothing more.

Its tentacles stretch as it walks on end

looking for some place to rest.

As it settles down for a night.

The little Seastar says,


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