Saturday, November 24, 2012

Serious Choices


Life is full of serious choices and we start making them at an early age.  I like mine to be like this.... good or yummy?  Hope you all had a better than yummy thanks filled few days.

Monday, November 19, 2012

...after hurricane Sandy

I'm pleased to report that this painting sold in the DPW auction and that all proceeds have gone to relief efforts in the wake of hurricane Sandy.  Just remember there is a"Calm" that follows every storm... as we westcoast-ers get our first major rainstorm of the season.

Also a heads up notice about ANY web based transactions.  The scammers are out there!  My buyer got a notice from a website that made it look like a PayPal link from the auction.  In most cases your guardian angel is in the details!  Read carefully, bad spelling or grammar, web references that you aren't familiar with or are not explained.... there is usually a hint that it's not what it portends to be.  If it smells fishy, it's likely to be a bottom feeder!   The good news is that PayPal is a great clearing house, they have your back on all transactions through their site.  I was also very happy with David's response and follow up from DailyPaintWorks.... you can count on them to be ethical, dependable and helpful.  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

At Anchor

Memory of a peaceful summer evening, last light, flat water, dip, swish..... ahhh.  Memory, what a blessing to have the capability to re-imagine an experience.  I'm thankful to have so many good ones and the tools to enliven them again.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wild Transparent

postcard painting, see DPW for sales info.
Planted and forgotten, there are apple trees gone wild scattered in overgrown fields near where I live.  Evidence of abandoned homesteads, there are wonderful heritage genetics hidden here and some of the best apples I've ever tasted... of course they always taste best stolen and eaten right off the tree!  I believe this one is a transparent.... the perfect pie apple.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Morning Conversation

Misty the Jersey calf is very curious about the new dog in the neighborhood and not shy about coming up to the fence for a little conversation.  Arna is also intrigued and lays down and eats grass right along with her.  Misty also has a new baby calf buddy, MoJo who causes quite a stir with her cavorting.  Lots to see on the farm during dog walking expeditions.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Barn Help


Comes with his own gloves, ready to work!  This little bundle of cuteness was painted on a textured base (which you can't see very well digitally) but it "feels" like straw so I'm happy.  I also kinda like the "z" composition.  What's adorable in a photo is sometimes devilish to paint from (successfully). Have fun with all your chores this week.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Perky Pup

Just to reinforce my reputation, here is another puppy painting clearly showing the underbelly of life in a revealing and provocative pose.....  :)  I wonder if this one will be considered as risque as the male version I got so much flak about?

Intimate Lunch

Buddies sharing an intimate lunch on a summer afternoon.  Make nice not mean is the rule for most horses... just another thing we might learn from them.  (especially at this time of year... did you see the video of the crying 4 y.o. little girl?  my sentiments exactly!

With the rain and darkness, this is that really hard to photograph paintings time of year.  I neeeeeed to get an indoor light box set up, one of these days.... soon.  No matter how good the photography  (I do take pains to represent my work accurately)  it's good to remember that a back lit screen is an entirely different medium than an original painting and this image will never look exactly like the real thing.  The subtleties of reality are lost in translation, "virtual" has  limitations.  Reminds me that I spend too much time in front of this computer.  I'm going