Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hey Baby

OK, you get a reprieve from the Morso show until the presentations start in a couple of days :)  This is the first baby of the season at RBE.  First time mother with that somewhat astonished look of, " holy *!?? what is this thing and why is it following me". 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's a Wild Ride!

With more inspiration than time before my Voices of Wilderness show at Morso, I'm happy to report that I have over 10 new paintings and a few old favorites ready to share.  My goal is to inspire you with the beauty of wild landscapes.  If you leave a little anxious for longer days to get outside yourself, I'll have done my job!

Morso has plenty to offer besides art.  The show will go up just in time for Thursday's "Muse at Morso" which will feature a reading by Jerry Libstaff from his new book.  Valentines Day (14th) will be the show reception (1 to 3PM).  I'll be there to answer your questions and share the stories behind the paintings.  If you miss that, I'll be giving a slideshow Feb. 19th and again March 7th.

There's even more at Morso, try the Fat Tuesday Celebration on the 17th, Bunco on the 18th or musical events on the 21st and March 7th (ticketed events).  Go to the Morso website for the full schedule and don't forget the food and libation.... it's also excellent!     

Friday, February 6, 2015

Walking The Line

24x36" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas
Taking a slight detour a bit further south to BC's Raincoast, the Kermode or spirit bear is a color variant of the black bear.  This is the only place it lives in the whole world.  He's walking a fine line between survival & human intervention, I support the Raincoast Conservation Foundation in encouraging protection for this incredible place.  No, I haven't actually been blessed with seeing one in the wild... but I will one day, maybe just like this, from my kayak.  This section of pacific coast is particularly notable for kayakers because of the often precipitous meeting of sea and shore.  There are some good beaches but you'd better know where they are or you may have a very long paddle to find an accessible landing site.  Although our trip to Klemtu and surrounding islands was the wettest on record, it's still one of my favorite locations.

VOTW painting, Tebenkof Bay

I finished this mixed media painting for the Petersburg Ranger District, Tongass Wilderness, SE Alaska as part of my artist residency.  It shows us watching otter and humpback whales looking west towards Baranof Island in the background shape of a map of Tebenkof Bay and our trip route last June.  The land shape (Kuiu Island) is filled with sketch book drawings and notes.  Touched on just a little bit of the amazing diversity of flora & fauna living here. 

Get a better look at this painting and many other new pieces at my solo show, Visions of Wilderness, at Morso in Gig Harbor. The show goes up on the 12th, reception Saturday, the 14th.  Then come back for a slideshow of incredible wilderness landscapes, Feb. 19th, 7-9PM or March 7th, noon-2PM.  Look forward to seeing you there!