Friday, February 6, 2015

Walking The Line

24x36" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas
Taking a slight detour a bit further south to BC's Raincoast, the Kermode or spirit bear is a color variant of the black bear.  This is the only place it lives in the whole world.  He's walking a fine line between survival & human intervention, I support the Raincoast Conservation Foundation in encouraging protection for this incredible place.  No, I haven't actually been blessed with seeing one in the wild... but I will one day, maybe just like this, from my kayak.  This section of pacific coast is particularly notable for kayakers because of the often precipitous meeting of sea and shore.  There are some good beaches but you'd better know where they are or you may have a very long paddle to find an accessible landing site.  Although our trip to Klemtu and surrounding islands was the wettest on record, it's still one of my favorite locations.

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