Monday, November 19, 2012

...after hurricane Sandy

I'm pleased to report that this painting sold in the DPW auction and that all proceeds have gone to relief efforts in the wake of hurricane Sandy.  Just remember there is a"Calm" that follows every storm... as we westcoast-ers get our first major rainstorm of the season.

Also a heads up notice about ANY web based transactions.  The scammers are out there!  My buyer got a notice from a website that made it look like a PayPal link from the auction.  In most cases your guardian angel is in the details!  Read carefully, bad spelling or grammar, web references that you aren't familiar with or are not explained.... there is usually a hint that it's not what it portends to be.  If it smells fishy, it's likely to be a bottom feeder!   The good news is that PayPal is a great clearing house, they have your back on all transactions through their site.  I was also very happy with David's response and follow up from DailyPaintWorks.... you can count on them to be ethical, dependable and helpful.  

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