Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Paintings showing at the Kimball Gallery

This collection of paintings showcases our extraordinary PNW coastlines.  Inspired by kayak trips from Haida Gwaii to Vaughn Bay, it's dedicated to my friends, mentors and fellow scalawags of the BABC, you know who you are.  Barely Adequate Boaters Club members have been plying coastal waters for decades, their adventures are the stuff of legend (or at least some great fish tales).  Organizational skills of Commodore, CW "Crash" Clark and his best Mate, Miz Jill, are only surpassed by their fishing prowess.  Our ensign is adventure and we know how to find it.  Pacific Coastlines have much to offer the most intrepid heart and it gives me great pleasure to share a glimpse of it with you.

The show runs from August 21 to Sept. 20 at the Kimball Espresso Gallery  6950 Kimball Drive, Gig Harbor WA  (253) 858-2625

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