Friday, February 7, 2014

Sun Bath

I'm happy with this painting.  I like that it's loose, with an intense, but limited palette.  I like the feel of late afternoon light.  I like painting on a slick metal surface.  (this is painted on steel flashing, meant for roofs I think)  It's been quite a long drought of happy painter dances.

In this dry, chilly weather the animals position themselves to take advantage of any warmth they can find!  I'm loving it... going out to dance with the dog now :)


c.dingman said...

I first noticed this because it stood out on the Daily Painters site and then noticed the surface you painted on. How do you prepare the surface. This is an awesome painting.

robin peterson said...

Thanks Carlene, I prepare it by cleaning with alcohol and mounting on foamcore, that's basically it. Acrylic sticks fine but it can be scratched or scraped off. I do varnish the end product.