Tuesday, August 5, 2014

BearBones Beach to Totem Island

Ahhh, summer solstice days, perfect for after dinner excursions... and we're anxious to test the boats.  Here I will reiterate my heart felt appreciation to Nick for volunteering to skipper the Klepper.  If you have ever packed one of these boats you'll know one of the big reasons he deserves good karma for his chivalry.  Plus I don't think his knees ever really fit under the deck combing, most of the time they were sticking up under his chin!  Anyway, maiden voyage a short paddle to a neighboring island to check out an old Tlingit totem pole.  The Tlingit people (say "Klinkit") have lived here forever and there are several archeological sites scattered around.  Their name for themselves is Lingit, meaning "people of the tides".  Their semi-settled lifestyle included extensive hunting and gathering on and around Kuiu Island.  I've always thought that it's too bad our culture doesn't use more poetic names.  Slapping on some old dead guy's moniker, who probably never saw the place is just wrong somehow... but the mapmakers have their way.  Then again, I'm a mapmaker and on mine our first camp is on BearBones Beach with Totem Island just to our west-northwest.

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