Saturday, July 11, 2015

Resting in his field of dreams

This is Floyd in retirement, a portrait I did recently.  The monochrome view was a preliminary sketch to figure out what to do with the busy grass & flowers background in such a small space (6x8")   Which one do you like best?


Gayle said...

Great paintings and so well rendered in such a small format. My preference is the colored version, however the monotone one has a more dreamy quality. I was intrigued that the horse was laying down, something I've hardly ever seen. So, my curiosity sent me on a Google quest and here is what I found:
"Horses can get a lot of sleep while standing up, but they lie down when they require REM sleep. Typically, the amount of REM sleep they require is very small, so they don't need to lie down often. However, many horses lie down just because they feel comfortable or want to do so."
So, your subject was definitely in a dream state!

robin peterson said...

Thanks Gayle!

Pam Cummings said...

Robin, these are so lovely. As the owner of Floyd I am impressed how you improved on the photo of him. I agree with Gayle, the monochrome one does have a dreamy quality.

robin peterson said...

Thanks Pam! I have a tendency to get caught up in detail, not so good for these small paintings, so this was a good challenge. Really happy you like it.