Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Colorado River Running," Into the Great Unknown"

Whew! finally we made it to the river, hooray!  Cooled off with repeated dunks, refueled by lunch, gear packed into dry bags- chain gang-ed up and lashed onto the boat, buckled into PFD's,  one more dunk..... and a shove off into the Colorado.  The learning curve is steep, after a few little riffles the first rapids are impressively large.  Visualize a tower of water, a foot or more over your head comin' right at you.....  screaming is frequent and loud. (although not necessarily out of fear, it's just that 50 degree water slap... somehow you just need to scream :)  I have chosen the full on experience, my seat is affectionately dubbed the bidet... that is to distinguish it from the bathtub which is front and center.  The best spot on the boat however is on the pontoons.  You are up higher and can see both sides of the river.  This is definitely not John Wesley Powell's river rafting experience but exciting nonetheless.  (yee haw, ride 'em cowgirl!)

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