Sunday, June 9, 2013

Grand Canyon, part I

....a deep gorge in Arizona formed by the Colorado River; approx. 277 miles long, 5-15 miles wide and up to 6,000 feet deep.  One of the 7 natural wonders of the world (although we all know there are very, very many more)  It was designated a national park in 1919.  
Just returned from a raft trip down part of the Grand Canyon... and oh so Grand it was!  I have many images to process, so might as well stretch this out.  I hope you enjoy sharing my adventure.

Logistics can be an issue, so FYI here's what worked for me.  Get up oh dark thirty, drag sister out of bed (love you Lynn :) for airport delivery (too early for KitsapAirporter, yawn)  Place backpack in duffel, lug to counter and check 'er in. (pray quietly it makes the same connections I do)  Security lines short and relaxed (one perk of early AM flights)  Fly to Phoenix, with delay for maintenance issue?? run like antelope to catch next flight to Flagstaff, thank the child wailing and puking (in the seat a few rows back) for clean up delay allowing time for pack to get onto plane, prayers answered :)  Arrive Flagstaff's Pulliam Airport, lovely place to nap for 3 hours waiting for Arizona Shuttle to arrive and haul me to the South Rim.  Arrive about 3pm (thanks Dave).  Try not to pass out in heat, whoa, this white girl is HOT! and this pack is HEAVY.  Thankfully there are ample and convenient shuttles to Mather campground east of hotel zone.  Set up in "walk in" campsite... gloat that it is only $6 per night (with shower & toilet facilities.... yessss!)  Orient with a little x-country walk to the rim, meeting the natives as I go.  Be amazed!  Oh, and drink a LOT of water, also, ice cream becomes essential food group.  

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