Sunday, July 14, 2013

First Nations Village Site at Acous

The Acous Peninsula pokes it's head out into the Pacific Ocean below the Brooks Peninsula.  We found remains of some house posts, the sketch above shows what's left of a face planted bear effigy.  This site was the summer home for the Checleseht people who still live in the region today, along with the Kyuquot band.  (you should get permission before visiting some of the historical sites)  It's a beautiful place to live, but they must have weathered some awfully wicked storms being vulnerable to the southwesterly winds that tend to bring wind & heavy seas.  The map shows our route on two days.  The channel crossing isn't too far but, exposed to the open Pacific and susceptible to the catabatic winds coming down the fjord, it can be exciting when the wind comes up in the afternoon.  Rescue would be extremely difficult should you part company with your boat.  We had a few "uphill" paddles, but fortunately all our open water crossings were made without incident.  May you have just the right ballast for all your own turbulent crossings.

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