Friday, July 19, 2013

Pacific Twilight

12 x 8" acrylic on metal
The difference in the length of twilight from the Bunsby's to the Grand Canyon is remarkable.  Down south you better have a head lamp or be close to the tent near sunset because, bam! it's dark soon after. Northern BC isn't quite land of the midnight sun but with a 9:30 sunset it was 11 PM before the stars had their turn.  Only Bob and I were left up by the campfire that late but it was worth one or two less hours of sleep to breathe in the magic of light transitioning between sun and stars.  

This painting is an experiment on a metal surface.  I've been reading some technical stuff about painting on copper which I'm anxious to try, but I couldn't find any copper sheets locally (and it's a bit pricey) so thought I'd just play with aluminum.  A prep of sanding, cleaning and mounting on foamcore and I loved the non-sticky smoothness of the paint application.  Acrylic paint dries so darn fast, esp. in the summer that it tends to drag against even the smooth gessoed panels.  The metal ground had a great feel to it, easier to get those lovely soft cloud edges along with the sharp ones more characteristic of acrylic paint.

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