Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fading Glory

I've never seen red trillium here in my woods, except for these bright pink-purple fading blooms. (Ironic that they "fade" from white to pink.) On the east coast I have seen newborns with dark read petals and wiki says there are over 40 species with quite a variety of leaf and petal color, pattern and size.  Our local species may be the great white, Trillium grandiflorum .  Anyway, the first chapter of springtime is drawing to a soggy conclusion as these trail blazing stars go out in a flash of pink and pollen.


Jane said...

Lots of yellow trilliums here in Chattanooga. Love your painting!

robin peterson said...

Thanks Jane, the blooms are gone now, replaced by star flower and miners lettuce! Glad you're enjoying the paintings!