Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sketch Tips

Last week we hopped on a commuter bus & the SLUT (SouthLakeUnionTrolley) for a little jaunt to Seattle to visit MOHAI; the MuseumOfHistoryAndIndustry.  We all decided the museum's name should be ...HistoryAndINNOVATION or at least ... HistoryAndINTERESTING stuff!  What a terrific museum, well worth the trek. (first Thursdays are free admission and there's extra stuff going on for kids too)  This group of big kids were focused on the Urban Sketchers exhibit and it was wonderful.  Sketching journalist, Gabriel Campanerio has compiled  not only an artistic tour de force, but also an incredible history of Seattle.  The intimate presentation via sketches and notes makes for an engaging way to learn, the perfect use of a sketchbook!  I'm warming mine up right now.

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