Sunday, July 20, 2014


The workhorse of the float plane stable is the Beaver and since an Alaskan style “road trip” is often by air or sea, it is a favorite mode of transport.  Our departure day dawned with typical Petersburg weather - unpredictable. We were bumping the ceiling with clouds advancing from the south, but still working within the Forest Service’s well defined VFR (Visual Flight Rules) so we quickly load up John’s plane, don our flight jackets, get the safety run down and off we go into the wild grey yonder.

I’m not going to lie, I am not the best on land, sea or air when it comes to a bumpy ride in stuffy, confined spaces.  I had a moment of panic realizing I hadn’t come prepared with my trusty ziplock barf bag.  What to do?  This pilot was supposed to pick us up, it seemed very poor form to hurl all over his airplane.  I settled on my baseball cap, since I could always rinse that out later.  Thing is, I really love flying in small aircraft and looking down at the scenery..... There’s Port Camden & Bay of Pillars.... that’s our pick up site near Happy Cove, but I’m afraid I did have to invoke zen concentration mode for part of the ride.  I managed to hold it together and we dropped into calm waters off the north end of Long Island.

Wow! look at that estuary system and so many islands to explore, woohoo!  Welcome to Long Island and Tebenkof Bay!

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