Tuesday, November 4, 2014

After The Storm

Lisa Point after the storm,  8x12"acrylic painting

The good news about our fabulous fall weather having turned to its wet and blustery normal is that I can finally get back to revisiting SE Alaska!  So here's a little painting to warm you up.  A bath tub smooth evening calm after the storm, remnants of a turbulent sky reflected in a mirrored sea.   Big weather changes happen in an instant around here.  The edges of those changes, weather both coming and going, can really be spectacular.  It's not just how the landscape looks, it's also about how it feels.  Ominous, glowering skies bring with them a sense of anxiousness, a heaviness that is not just due to falling atmospheric pressure.  During a stormy temper tantrum just hunker down, don't draw attention to yourself.  Await the aftermath, often glorious and always worth the price of admission. 

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