Thursday, January 15, 2015

Salt Marsh, Aleck's Creek

Salt Marsh, original acrylic, 18x24"
OK, so here is the finished (I think, maybe, at least for the moment) painting.  The dune grass, sedges and marsh grasses were so incredible here in the Aleck's Creek estuary.  Not a lot of plants can handle the salinity at the edge of land and sea, but those that do create a lush carpet and exceptional habitat for young salmon and other fish plus insects and all kinds of other critters.  Tucked into the grasses was silverweed and chocolate lily, skunk cabbage and salmon berry, plenty of forage plants for hungry omnivores.  We could feel the bear watching as we meandered his path along the edge of the creek.  This is a painting that I think has more to say in person than from a screen thumbnail so I hope you can stop by Morso's to see the original.  Feb. 12-March 15, 2015.

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