Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Arctic Hats Project

I'm singing the usual refrain of just too many fun things to do and not enough time.  My newest project is to make and sell hats to help fund an ambitious summer project of going to Gates of the Arctic Nat. Park as an AIR (hopefully they'll accept my application, I'll know in May)  It's going to be an adventure just getting there so I'm thinking positively and working on fund raising now.  The hats are hand knit in wool and then machine felted.  Unique, colorful and useful.  I think everyone needs at least one hat that has a name.   In addition to the hats shown here, I have made; dusk, noir, starry night, coastal fog, and forest trail..... you guess the colors! 

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Carol Horzempa said...

I admire anyone that can knit and felt a hat and then get it to fit. I tried and decided to stick to paintng. Your hats are gorgeous! Good luck in your quest to paint this summer in the Artic Nationl Park!