Monday, February 2, 2009

In The Shadow of Her Dreams

So, here is a little change of pace for you.  A friend of mine sent me some photos from her visit to Uganda where, among other things, they brought food and bedding to an orphanage.  This young girl who was standing in the background in one of the photos struck me as one who might have the spark to move beyond her challenges.   This painting was a major challenge to photograph.  Besides the glare issues, the painting is dark and not as contrast-y as it looks here. Hopefully you'll get the drift.  Thanks for checking in.


Edward Burton said...

Wonderful painting, Robin. It has a lot of emotional weight to it - it's very moving.

Carol Horzempa said...

I agree with Edward. I also love the warm colors, texture and the cool light cast from the window. The position of the girls feet and her expression say so much. You captured it all.

robin peterson said...

Thanks, both of you. It was nice to do something different and try to stretch my boundaries. I still need lots of practice on those figures, so thanks for the encouragement!