Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter Willow sketch

Hello out there.... sorry I've been gone so long :)   I decided I would start posting some sketches since I'm working on a course design for a sketch class I will be teaching this spring.  I've also been busy getting my application ready for another artist in residence position and much of my proposal centers around sketching and sketch books.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.... if I get this residency you'll be seeing some wild, adventuresome experiences later this summer.

This image is a quick study out my window as the winter morning sun was striking some willow branches.  I was inspired by some books I'm reading by two fiber artists in England.  (thanks Jill) They show how their sketchbook studies evolve into these incredible, textural, fiber "paintings"... it's awesome.  I just had to get out these old, cheap oil pastels that I think were handed down to me by my great aunt, and use them since I never have before.  This may morph into something entirely different before I'm through experimenting with it, but I like the start. 

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