Sunday, December 8, 2013

Best Gift Ever?

contact me about small painting gift certificates

What gift is thoughtful, personal, affordable, comes as a surprise, is unique to the gift-ee and involves no effort (on your part)?  I've been told it might be this gift certificate for an original commissioned painting :)  

"I just opened the package and I’m so THANKFUL for your artistic skills, your unique interpretation, and willing collaboration.  I think that the portraits are perfect!!  I LOVE these little paintings!"

"Wow, this painting is absolutely fabulous.  I find myself wanting to use exclamation marks after every sentence, I'm that impressed.  "Making Introductions" will have a place of honor in my home, somewhere everyone who comes in will see it.  Need I say, "I love it" or "well done"?  YES!  

Thanks happy collectors!  Check out my website, fernwoodstudio for more examples.

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