Saturday, December 28, 2013

More about illustration

Before I leave the topic of illustration, I have to say how much fun it is to work with Christine Hamilton at the American Quarter Horse Journal.  I learned a lot in our valiant attempt to come up with the "perfect" anatomical specimen of a quarter horse.  (alas, "Bruce" was not perfect despite our efforts, but he was close enough to make a good demo model and the series won an award from the Livestock Publications Council.)  The best Illustration is always a collaboration which is what makes the work fun and interesting.

In 2013 my illustration for The Horse on the development of osteoarthritis was honored by American Horse Publications, an organization that recognizes excellence in horse oriented media.  Describing it as "a very good example of a medical illustration.”  

The horse world is my primary focus for illustration because of my veterinary specialty, but yes, I can also draw a dog, cat or cow!  and I do work with other animal, medical and natural science subjects.  It's a great job and never boring!

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