Friday, December 27, 2013

What I do

I know you think I just play all the time (accurate assumption by the way) but sometimes I play for others.  I like it and it feeds the dog (he likes it too).  The Horse magazine, a mainstay of equine health publications, has been a steady client since I began illustrating in, whoa, the early 1990's.  I was still practicing veterinary medicine then, but moved back north and gradually ditched the pager (we used those instead of cell phones you know).  Sleeping at night was a welcome perk.

I love the challenge of bringing a concept to life, of visually showing the incredible design of the master machine, a mammalian organism.  I am forever amazed.   I'm thinking pretty much nobody wouldn't like my job, so I'm sharing a little recap of 2013 with you.  Hope you enjoy it.

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